Industrial Optimizers provide systems and services that increase profitability by means of optimization methods

Make sure to gain a competitive advantage with the MP² system. When resources are market priced, optimized utilization remains one of the unique ways for profitability improvement. The MP² system is a strategic tool combining planning and financial processes. Making astute management decisions helps determine the profitability of your operations – MP² keeps track on figures and facts.


The MP² software is a solution for planning and optimization of commercial airline networks. There are more than 400 users world-wide that are using MP² in the airline industry.

The MP² software for railway is a powerful tool that covers the whole chain from creation of schedules and routings through Rolling Stock Optimization.

MP² is a strategic network planning, scheduling and analysis tool. The system makes it possible for bus transportation companies to combine planning and scheduling in combination with financial processes.

To improve productivity, reduce workload or just verify the quality of manual or automatic solutions Industrial Optimizers provides optimization outsourcing services for your operation.